Employment Clearance Information

Employment with Leechburg Area School District requires background clearances as regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education in addition to a pre-employment physical and tuburculin skin test.


Please review the below listed information as all documentation is required prior to consideration of employment. Original clearances must be presented in the Central Administration Office, although our office will only maintain a copy.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Business Office @ 724-845-7701.



Act 24: Reporting Arrests and Convictions

 Cost: Free

 Act 24 Form: Act 24 Arrest & Conviction Link


Act 24 requires that all school employees complete and return to their school administrator a PDE Form 6004 (PDF) within 72 hours of any arrest or conviction of an offense listed in Section 111(e). If an employee refuses to submit the form, Act 24 requires that the School Administrator submit the employee to a new background check under Section 111. 


This form is also considered to be a prerequisite to employment.



Act 34 Pennsylvania Criminal History Record Check

Cost: $22

Website Link: https://epatch.pa.gov/home


Website Link: The Pennsylvania State Police has established a web-based computer application called “Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History” or PATCH.  Using this system, a requester can apply for a criminal background check on an individual.  Eighty percent of the time, “No Record” certificates are returned immediately through the Internet to the requester.


  • Go to "New Record" and follow the instructions.
  • The reason for the clearance is EMPLOYMENT.
  • VOLUNTEER clearances will not be accepted for paid employment purposes.
  • When the Search Results Table appears, click on the Control Number.  (Hint: Write down the Control Number for future access to you Official Clearance).
  • The Records Check Details page will open, but this is not the official clearance and it will not be accepted by the employer.
  • To access your Official Clearance you will see a blue text "CERTIFICATION PAGE".  Click on the blue text to access your Act 34 Pennsylvania State Police Clearance.
  • Print and save the official clearance for your records and submit a copy to the Human Resources Department.
  • A $22.00 fee applies to process the clearance online.  The requester will be required to pay via credit card or debit card online.  Below is a link to access the “PATCH” website:



Act 114 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI fingerprinting)

Cost: between $20 - $30


Applicant Procedures: Application Procedures


Service Codes: Service Code Information


Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI): Federal Criminal History Record Information


Visit the IdentoGO website to register online: https://uenroll.identogo.com/

  • PLEASE NOTE: If an applicant proceeds with the fingerprint process under the incorrect code, the pre-enrollment and/or results cannot be transferred to another state agency and the applicant will have to start the process over and pay for the background check again.
  • Once you have the code, you must register prior to going to the IdentoGO Center to have your fingerprints taken.
  • PDE School Districts
    • The Service Code for PDE School Districts should be 1KG6XN – verify at the top of the page that it states PDE-School Districts.
  • The cost to obtain the FBI Fingerprint clearance is between $20 and $30 and will provide an unofficial copy of the Criminal History Record to the applicant.
  • After registration and payment, the applicant should proceed to the fingerprint site of their choice for fingerprinting. IdentoGO Centers and hours of operation can be found at uenroll.identogo.com.
  • Submit the UEID to the Human Resources Department for verification.

 Act 126 Mandated Reporter Training: Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Cost: Free

Website Link: Act 126 Child Abuse Recognition Training


If you have not previously registered please click the "Registration" link at the top of the page.



Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

Cost: $13

Website Link: PA Child Abuse History Clearance


  • The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance can be submitted and paid for online through the Child Welfare Information Solution (CWIS) self-service portal or mailed in.
  • Clearance results will be mailed within 14 days from the date that the clearance is received. There will be no replacements after 90 days.
  • Indicate SCHOOL as the "Purpose of Clearance"
  • If you are not registered, you will need to create an individual account



Act 168 Pre-Employment Sexual Abuse/Misconduct Disclosure

Cost: Free

Act 168 Form: Act 168 Link


Applicant needs to provide an Act 168 form for:

  • The applicant’s current employer (may have multiple current employers)
  • Any previous employment within a school entity (Ex. Teacher, Aide, Cafeteria Worker, Janitor, etc.)
  • Any position that the applicant had, “The possibility of care, supervision, guidance or control of children or routine interaction with children.” When considering “routine interaction with children,” consider the prospective employee’s role within your entity and whether their contact with children will be regular, ongoing contact that is part of their day-to-day job responsibilities
  • Applicants fills “Current or Former Employer” section, and all of the information in Section 1. Make sure to sign the form on page three prior to submission

Physical & TB Testing


Cost: fees may vary based on service provider.


An employment screening physical is required.


TB testing is required for all employees and volunteers pursuant to the Pennsylvania School Code, Section 1418(b).  The TB skin test shall be performed by a physician of the employee's choice.  The employee/volunteer shall provide the school with a medically authorized form verifying the TB test was administered within three months prior to the date of employment or volunteering.  Additional information regarding this testing can be found in 28 PA Code, Section 23.44. The School Personnel Health record has a section to be completed as proof of TB testing results.