Robert E. Nigro Education Foundation

Cover sheet and application information

$500 Classroom Grant Application

Entries must be received by the end of each month to be considered for the following months meeting.

Grant applications will be accepted via Postal mail or an e-mail attachments Send completed applications to Michael Cominos, Grant Chairperson, RENEF, 632 2nd Street Leechburg, PA 15656, or email them as an attachment to [email protected]. RENEF reserves the right to pull grants that are not being executed by the teacher of which signs the application.

Please note that this FIRST PAGE is the ONLY place where identifying information about yourself or your school should go. As much as possible, please ensure that the information you supply on the following pages does not reveal who you are. Also, the RENEF board of directors will not be able to review any supporting documents.

The RENEF board will rate applications on a scale using criteria that match the categories listed within the application. The maximum score is 50 points. In the event of a tie, the full RENEF Board will choose a winner. All decisions are final.

  • RENEF desires to fund innovative project ideas that are incorporated into innovative and enriching instruction. Our mission is not to supplement school district Some applicants ask for materials, but do not explain how the materials will be used to support an innovative program, which results in a lower score for the application. RENEF will also has been reluctant to fund projects in which the grant money would be primarily used to buy large quantities of student rewards or incentives (T-shirts, pizza parties, etc.).  Grants will be awarded when final scores have been given. Funds must be spent by May 15 of the school year in which they are designated.  


Each winner must submit to RENEF a one-page Activities Summary of how the grant helped to improve student learning. Digital pictures of key moments made possible by the grant should be included with the Activities Summary. This Activities Summary may be used as part of an annual Foundation newsletter. Awardees must also submit a one-page final Expenditures Report and all receipts.  The expenditure report will be emailed to winning proposals.  Both the Expenditures Report/Receipts and Activities Summary/Digital Photos are due May 15 of the school year in which the grant is awarded. Grant winners may also be asked to speak at a RENEF event about how the grant is helping to further student learning, and winners may also be asked to open up their classrooms for publicity purposes. These types of publicity may include photos, video tapings or media visits to educate the public about the kinds of learning the grant is enabling within the bounds of LASD policies.  If, for any reason, you were to leave the school district, all items bought with RENEF monies are to be returned to Principal of the building.  Those items will then be distributed to teachers who can implement them into their classrooms.  Grant money must be used only for the intended purpose outlined in the application.

For questions, please email Michael Cominos, RENEF’s grant chairperson at [email protected].

I hereby certify that I have read and understand the information on this page: ____________ (Initials)

I hereby certify that this application and all attached documents are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I promise to spend any awarded grant money in the manner in which it is stated within this document and any related documents.

Educator’s signature and date: _________________________________________________________________________

Educator’s name (please print): _________________________________________________________________________

Grade(s) and school(s) where you work: __________________________________________________________________

Approximate number of students who would benefit from this grant: __________________________________________

Specifics on which student population would be served by this grant: _________________________________________


What is the title of your project?

Please state which grade level/s of students will benefit from your project:

Please give an overview of the project that you would like to have funded. Also, please state your project’s goals and describe how students will benefit.
Please explain how you will measure whether the project is on pace to meet its goals.
Action plan: Please give a timeline and list of important milestones of your project. Please describe any culminating activities of the project and their approximate dates.
Please explain why this project is unique or innovative.
Please detail how you will promote this project within your school and community.
$500 Classroom Grant Application
Please explain how you will coordinate this program to make it have successful impact. What, if any, logistics have to be handled and how will you handle them so that your proposal, if funded, can benefit all the students you are hoping to reach?
Please explain why you are the best person to make this program happen if the funds are awarded to you.
Itemized Budget
Please include estimates for the following as they apply:
Supplies, property, professional services, dues/fees, transportation or other
Have you explored other funding sources for this project? If so, please explain.
(Not scored)
Would this project be partially funded by another source in addition to the mini-grant? If so, please explain.
(Not scored)
If applicable: Have you secured any and all necessary approvals from principals, administrators, school and/or community boards, that may be related to this project idea?
$500 Classroom Grant Application