School Directors

The Leechburg Area School District Board of School Directors consists of nine (9) individuals who are elected at large by the citizens of Leechburg. School Board members are both state and local officials. Though elected locally, they serve on behalf of the Pennsylvania state legislature. Each director serves without compensation for a term of four (4) years.
The Board of School Directors' primary responsibilities include providing for the education of all children, setting district policies and regulations regarding school activities, adopting textbooks, hiring staff, adopting an annual school district budget and levying taxes.



Board President

Mr. Anthony Shea
Board Vice-President

Ms. Karen Freilino Mrs. Danielle Lovelace
Mrs. Teresa Edinger Ms. Candi Stewart
Mrs. Melanie Knight Ms. Roxanne Thompson
Mr. Darius Lovelace  

Dr. Tiffany Nix, Superintendent

Andrews & Price, Board Solicitor

Ms. Bethann Moore, Board Treasurer/Board Secretary



Questions/Comments for Board members may be forwarded

to Ms. Bethann Moore, Board Secretary

Telephone: (724) 845-7701 x 106 Fax: (724) 845-2241
Email: U.S. Mail: 210 Penn Avenue, Leechburg, PA 15656