Good Morning and Happy Friday:

I hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer heat.  Summer always seems to go by so quickly.

I have two important documents in this email.  The first is a letter from me discussing the changes since you last heard from me on June 25.  The second is a mandatory survey for each child in the district.  You must complete the survey for each of your children.  

To summarize the letter, on June 25, I released our return to school plan.  This plan was to have students return to school 5 days per week with also having a cyber option available for families.  This plan stated that masks were suggested, but it did not mention required.  On July 3, schools were notified that masks are now required when we cannot guarantee six feet of separation.  Because of this, for the majority of the day, students will be wearing masks or face shields.

To be clear, the plan is to still have students return full-time.  The survey is critical because we need families to decide what their educational choice is for the fall, knowing that on July 17 at 8:30 am masks are required for anyone over the age of 2.   There will be times during the day that students will be permitted to take masks off.  This will be different for each classroom based on class size and activities being performed. 

Based on your survey results, we may formulate a new plan for the fall start on August 26.  This survey is due by Thursday, July 23.  We need 100% cooperation.  Please talk with your children prior to taking the survey.  The survey will only take a few minutes.  Even if you already told us that you preferred our cyber academy, please complete the survey.  The survey can also be found on the district website.  

In addition, mandates change quickly and without warning.  We can make the best plan and then have to change it in a moments notice based on governmental changes.  We did have a great plan on June 25 and by July 3, it changed.  I am sorry for this, but we cannot avoid it.

As always, thank you for your time, patience and cooperation.  I know that none of this is ideal, it is scary, and it is frustrating.  Even though it seems never ending, we will get through this.  

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Tiffany Nix, Superintendent