Classic Case of Senioritis or The Fear of Moving On?

Classic Case of Senioritis or The Fear of Moving On?

By: Tara May
May 4, 2018

From the minute you enter high school, your mind becomes overruled by the thought
of graduation and the great thoughts not having to wake up early every morning, which is
usually a high school student’s number 1 complaint. As a graduating senior, I can warn you
that it’s definitely a year filled with large decisions, immense thoughts, and a pile of work. As
long as you stay focused and keep your head held high, there is no challenge that can defeat

I’ve never been one who was good with big changes so to be completely honest with
you, the thought of growing up and being on my own terrifies me. That’s common with most
young adults adapting to the real world. Balancing two part-time jobs, a heap of school work,
and trying to figure out what path to follow is difficult for someone so young and new to the
world outside of high school but if I can make it, I assure you that you will succeed as well.

Making decisions is a HUGE part of growing up. Speaking for myself, choosing my
career path and the college I wished to attend was the biggest decisions I’ve had to make. It
tooks days of careful consideration and hours upon hours of research. Some of us were born
knowing what we wanted to do with our lives while others are indecisive. Growing up
requires a lot of maturity and responsibility for one’s mistakes. It is also quite scary
considering WE choose the people we become in the future. WE choose how others view us
and how we view society as a whole.

As a child forms into a well-rounded adult, they faces several challenges, fight for
their beliefs, and fear no one and nothing. Keep your crown upright and be the person you’ve
always wished to become. Show others how intelligent you truly are and don’t let fears of
adulthood hold you back. You will soar like an eagle and succeed in all that you do whether
it’s leaving high school, the place you’ve come so accustomed to, or working your first job.

Don’t fall a victim to senioritis and keep moving forward.