The Origins of the Ouija Board

The Origins of the Ouija Board

By Sara Adams
April 30, 2018

Unlike most people, I’m not scared of the Board. Why? Simple: I know the origins of the Board. It's not so scary when you learn how it became a symbol of evil, so if you want to learn were the Board came from, and other things about it, continue reading.

In around the time Ouija Board was made, a lot of people were dying due to disease, war, and other things, so contacting the dead was a pretty popular thing in America, but the methods took awhile. For example, transfiguration lets you see a spirit's face through the body of a medium,  but that's a whole lot of work for your medium. So an unknown person came up with the idea for the Ouija Board. It was a hit! it showed up in the paper as “the talking board.” The creators didn't know what to name it, so one of the psychic suggested they let the Board name itself and it chose the name Ouija. They asked the Board what that meant. It said it meant ‘good luck.’

The Board itself wasn't a symbol of evil until 1973 when the movie The Exorcist came out. It was used to contact the spirit, and after they used it, a lot of weird stuff happened on the fact that it is a movie, but people believed this and it became  evil in the eyes of the people. Before this, it was actually just a way to contact loved ones. Someone once said, “The board isn't evil; it's what you do with it,” meaning you can actually talk to your loved ones again, but there is a chance that you could also be communicating with a demon or evil spirit, so if you are interested in using one I have some tips  for you.

1: Don’t ask them to prove that they’re there. This invites them into the physical realm.

2: DO NOT and I mean do not take your hands off the playing check until you say goodbye. That angers them.

3: Don’t ask them about God. Just don’t.

4: Don't do this near a graveyard; it's just a bad idea. Just don't do it.  

5: I know you probably have heard this so many times, but never do it alone.

Well, now you now how to be safe using the ‘good luck’ board...good luck!