ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

By Brandon Tarr
April 20, 2018


So I’m sure you have heard of Minecraft. Some of you have heard of Terraria. Notice a pattern? Hint: They’re all survival games. You craft, mine, build a base, craft some more, mine again; you get it. But there is one game that puts a twist on survival. This game is Ark: Survival Evolved.

Now, I said this game has a twist. There isn’t any mining although you can explore caves. You still get to gather resources to build...BUUUT there may or may not be a dinosaur (or a few hundred) ready to eat your head off every six seconds. At least until you reach Tek Tier and can  kill everything. But more on that later.

If you do decide to pick up this game, please realize a few things. One: this game is really hard on your PC unless you have one that can handle this game’s insane graphics. Also, this game requires an absolute TON of storage. Just keep this in mind and have fun.

So your start in this game may go as follows:

Spawn in the north and something will eat your face, or you will freeze.

Spawn in the south something may eat your face, but you´ll have your best hope at survival.

Spawn in the east/west is swamp/beach, so unless you want your face ripped to shreds by a prehistoric alligator, then steer clear until later in the game.

That's a basic list on the different spawn regions in the game.

So the start of the game is a semi-smooth ride of dying and respawning only to realize that you have to die multiple other times to continue and get your items back, but after you get a small base established, it’s a tad bit easier to live. However, that’s not the focus in the game unless you want it to be.

The main part of this game is taming the dinos that have countlessly eaten your face off before. With taming a parasaur, you’re basically teaching a dog...but you don’t knock out a dog and force-feed it berries. But you have to do that to tame most dinos.

A hint for taming is to use tranq arrows and a crossbow when you unlock them, and the later dinos like T-rexes and Gigas are an INSANE tame without proper preparation. Unless you want Rex teeth in your butt while you run, then make a trap.