The Story of the Only Girl Greek Hero

The Story of the Only Girl Greek Hero

By Sara Adams
January 18, 2018

Man, it was rough being a girl in ancient Greece. Your life has two possibilities: get married and hope that doesn't go too wrong, or get knocked out by Zeus and get hunted by Hera for the rest of your national life. Fun times for everybody. But in the great testosterones-laden court of Greek heroes, one stands out from the rest as a unique example of a divided cliche, the token girl. Atlanta. Her name is Atlanta, and yes, from my knowledge, she is the only Greek hero who managed to kick butt and have two X-chromosomes at the same time.

Atlanta's life gets off to a rough start when she was born to the king and queen. They really wanted a son and instead of doing that thing where they raise her as a boy or something, the king left her on mountaintop to starve and die. Stay classy, Arcadian king. So Atlanta would have been dead fifteen times over if it wasn't for the help of a mother bear which takes the girl in. So, Atlanta was raised by bears which is like twice as rad as being raised by gorillas. But all good things must come to a end and Atlanta is found by a group of hunters and they decide to raise her as their own. They teach Atlanta all the good things society has to offer, like shoes, languages, and sharp objects.

Soon, Atlanta grew into a totally ferocious huntress, and sometimes beats Thetis, also known as Achilles’ dad, and casually shoots some centaurs that wanted to do unsavory things in her general direction. So one day, Oeneus the king of the Caledonian reign, forgot to sacrifice to the goddess Artemis, and she got really mad about that and sent a giant boar to destroy the place, and generally make a ruckus. So the king sent for Greece's bravest hunters, and who should arrive but Atlanta. The king was like, “Oh, hey there Miss, my daughters are in the back if you want to do something a little more your speed,” which Atlanta probably responded with, “Oh, I'm sorry, I was told there would be murdering to be done, not arts and crafts,” so all the big scary dude hunters were like, “Oh, heck no; I'm not going on a hunt with any girls.”

So the less-rude hunter--the handsome Caledonian prince named Meleager--is all like, ¨Oh, I’m sorry. It seems to me like she's afraid she'll outclass you. No, no l guess will go save the kingdom by ourselves if you’re all too scared,¨ so the hunters finally agree to go hunt the boar, and after a lot of cartoonish adventures, a lot of hunters end up murdered by the boar. Atlanta stabbed it in the back and Megleager got a solid hit into pig’s chest, so the hunters are like, ¨Aw, sick, Meleager, you totally killed it,¨ but Meleager’s like, ¨Ah, no guys, Atlanta got the first strike; she should get the prize.¨

So he gave the boar’s skin to Atlanta as a prize, but Meleager's uncles are the biggest jerks of all, so they started pushing Atlanta around so she'd leave and they could take the credit. Meleager told them to stop, and it all turned into a legit sword fight and the uncles end up dead.

Little backstory: See, Meleager has thing about his life span; it’s directly connected to a piece of firewood. When the wood burns up, he dies, so one of the hunters goes and tells his mother, the queen, that Meleager killed her brothers and in a fit of rage, she chucks the piece of wood into the fire place, so Meleager drops dead, which I imagine is disconcerning to the rest of the hunters, but who cares? Atlanta has now made a name for herself as the huntress who killed the Calydonian bull.