Open the Door and Walk into Leechburg’s New ¨Giving Closet¨

Open the Door and Walk into Leechburg’s New ¨Giving Closet¨

By Marcedez Cleveland
January 12, 2018

Makenzie Fello and our great gym teacher, Ms. Ferragonio, brought a very great addition to Leechburg that will be unforgettable: ¨The giving closet.” The Giving Closet is a closet near the boys’ locker room for individuals who, if in need, can go down and grab what they need.

“I wanted to help Makenzie make her vision a reality,¨ says Ms F. “Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.¨

The two reached out to Jeanette's Closet Factory and they quickly jumped to help out. The process of building the closet on December 2, took eight hours, but those 8 hours were definitely well-spent. ¨The closet offers clothes, jackets, toiletries and even formal dresses for a school dance,¨ Makenzie states. She also states that she has always been an advocate for helping people and she truly felt the giving closet would help some kids out.

Thank you, Makenzie and Ms. Ferragonio, for the most helpful thing for many students in our district.