• A.P.E.
    Adapted Physical Education:
    This is a year long course that is taken twice a week and offered to students in 7th through 12th grades. 
    Course Overview: 
    • Adaptive Physical Education is designed for students with a wide range of disabilities and needs who are unable to participate in physical education classes with a large number of students. Activities and sports are adapted to meet the student’s needs on an individual basis. These adaptations are designed to improve the student’s overall health and wellness. Special attention to individual needs, both physical and cognitive, and levels of psychomotor development are important components of the program. The determination of activities for each student to participate in will be based on the ability to safely and successfully participate as well the skills or fitness level which needs improvement or reinforcement. 
    • Students in this course will be assigned a Pass/Fail grade at the end of each 9 weeks. 
    • Students in this course will participate in the following activities:                   
                                         Flag Football
                                         Obstacle Courses
                                         Physical Fitness
                                         Rope Skipping
                                         Target Throwing  
                                         Weight Training