Email from Mrs. Nix:
Good Morning
I am writing to inform you of a very important calendar change for next week. As you know, Monday and Tuesday are Spring Break. The change is that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are ALL virtual. No students will be in the school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The reason for this change is the second dose of vaccines. We have 30 teachers/para/cafeteria workers receiving their second doses on Thursday and Friday. That is almost half of our staff. My fear is that we will not have enough adults in the buildings to teach, supervise and feed the students should people get ill. This is in addition to covering for the people that need to leave for their vaccine.
I realize that this is not ideal for families to find childcare for two additional days. I tried to reschedule the vaccines, but if we did that, the second dose would have been out of compliance. We greatly appreciate your understanding as we fight the virus and move on with full-time instruction moving in to next year. These vaccines are key to that happening.
Happy Easter and enjoy your break.
Tiffany Nix