Unit 1 - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade
    Lesson 1: Henry and Mudge - Realistic Fiction
    Spelling Words: sad, dig, jam, glad, list, flat, if, win, fix, rip, kit, mask


    Grammar: Subjects and Predicates
    High Frequency Words: around, be, five, pull, help, next, or
    Phonics: Words with short a (can) & words with short i (win)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Alphabetical Order
    Straight- not curling, curving, or bending
    Collars- bands that animals wear around their necks
    Row- a number of things arranged in a line
    Floppy- hanging or moving in a loose, droopy way
    Stood- was in an upright position on one’s feet
    Drooled- let saliva drip from the mouth
    Essential Question: What is a perfect pet like?
    Lesson 2: Mi Familia (My Family) - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: wet, job, hug, spot, mud, left, plum, nut, net
    High Frequency Words: bring, children, comes, do, family, like 
    Phonics Skills: Words with short o (hop), short u (fun), and short e (hen)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Using a Glossary
    Spend- to give your time to do something
    Stuck- not able to move
    Visit- go to see someone
    Cousin- the son or daughter of an aunt and uncle
    Piano- a musical instrument
    Remembered- not forgotten
    Grammar: Simple Sentences
    Essential Question: What are some things that families like to do together?
    Lesson 3: Dogs - Informational Text
    Spelling Words : cake, mine, plate, size, ate, grape, prize, wipe, race, line, pile, rake, gave, bike, mistake, while
    High Frequency Words: city, full, no, other, places, put, school, sing, think, this
    Phonics: Words with long a (gate), long i (mine), and hard and soft sounds for c (car, cent)
    (A little trick to help with soft c (cent); when the c is followed by an e, i or a y it will (usually) be soft)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Multiple Meaning Words
    hairy- covered with hair
    coat - covering of fur
    mammals- animals that give birth to live babies
    litter- a group of baby animals born at the same time
    stayed- remained in a place
    canned- stored in a can
    chews- rip and crush with the teeth
    clipped -  attached
    Grammar: Types of Sentences
    Essential Question: What do pets need to be healthy and happy?
    Lesson 4: Diary of a Spider - Humorous Fiction
    Spelling Words: doze, nose, use, rose, pole, close, cute, woke, mule, rode, role, tune
    High Frequency Words: by, cheer, could, hello, hundred, mind, play, read, see, today
    Phonics: Words with long o (rose), long u (dune), long e (Pete); hard and soft sounds for g (giraffe, goose)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Context Clues
    screaming- yelling or crying
    judge- form an idea about
    dangerous- harmful, unsafe
    breeze- a light wind
    insects- bugs
    rotten- dead and not good to eat
    scare- to make someone afraid
    sticky - thick, glue-like
    Grammar: What is a noun?
    Essential Question: How do good friends act?
    Lesson 5: Teacher's Pet - Realistic Fiction
    Spelling Words: spin, clap, grade, swim, place, last, test, skin, drag, glide, just, stage
    High Frequency Words: both, cold, eat, find, green, little, long, says, table, we
    Phonics: Consonant blends with r, l, and s, including triple blends (burst, trunks, split)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Context Clues
    noises- sounds
    wonderful- great
    sprinkled- scattered
    noticed- was aware of, saw
    suddenly- quickly
    bursting- full of
    quiet- calm, not noisy
    share - divide up
    Grammar: Singular and plural nouns
    Essential Question: How is a school like a community?
    Unit 2 - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade
    Lesson 6: Animals Building Homes - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: next, end, camp, sank, sing, drink, hunt, stand, long, stamp, pond, bring, jump, left, young, friend


    Grammar: Verbs
    High Frequency Words: animals, bear, know, most, myself, second, she, sleep, three, work
    Phonics: Common Final Blends nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Base Words & Prefixes un-, re-
    pond- a small body of water
    winding- not straight, curvy
    deepest- the most hidden or inside
    beaks- birds' mouths
    branches- limbs of trees
    hang- attach something from high up so it drops down
    shaped- in the form of
    Essential Question: How are some schools different from each other?
    Lesson 7: The Ugly Vegetables - Realistic Fiction
    Spelling Words: dress, spell, class, full, add, neck, stuck, kick, rock, black, trick, doll, off, will, across, pocket
    High Frequency Words: air, car, cried, funny, he, pictures, pretty, told, try, window
    Phonics Skills: Double Consonants and ck/Double Consonants (CVC)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Homophones
    shovels- garden tools used for digging
    blooming- having flowers
    scent- smell
    nodded- move the head up and down
    wrinkled- folded up in a messy way; crumpled
    muscles- parts of the body used to help you move and do things
    tough- hard, thick on the outside
    plain- simple, not fancy
    Grammar: Proper Nouns
    Essential Question: What can you learn from planting a garden?
    Lesson 8: Super Storms - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: dish, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, white, while, these, flash, which, then, catch, thumb
    High Frequency Words: before, eye, few, happy, high, my, open, people, starts, yellow
    Phonics Skills: Consonant Digraphs and Endings
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Homophones
    beware- be careful
    damage- harm
    bend- to cause something to curve
    flash- a quick burst
    pounding- crashing
    prevent- stop from happening
    reach- to get as far as
    equal- the same
    Grammar: What is a verb?
    Essential Question: How can storms be dangerous?
    Lesson 9: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes - Folktale
    Spelling Words: liked, using, riding, chased, spilled, making, closed, hoping, baked, hiding, standing,
    asked, mixed, sleeping, teasing, knocking
    High Frequency Words: afraid, dark, for, kept, many, might, own, show, why, would
    Phonics Skills: Base Words and Endings (-ed, -ing)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Homophones
    direction- the way of
    brag- show off
    height- tallness
    tease- to make fun of
    toward- in the direction of
    tunnel- underground passage
    curled- twisted
    healed- got well
    Grammar: Verbs in the Present
    Essential Question: How can stories help you learn a lesson?
    Lesson 10: Jellies - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: I'm, don't, isn't, can't, we'll, it's, I've, didn't, you're, that's, wasn't, you've
    us, them, they're, wouldn't
    High Frequency Words: because, better, go, me, old, really, right, they, was, you
    Phonics Skills: Contractions
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    simple- easy
    millions- a very large number
    weaker- less strong
    drift- float around
    wrapped- covered
    disgusting- sickening
    choices- decisions
    decide- make up your mind about
    Grammar: Verbs in the Future
    Essential Question: What is special about animals that live in the ocean?
    Unit 3 - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade
    Lesson 11: Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type - Humorous Fiction
    Spelling Words: dishes, hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, grapes,
    jets, frogs, stitches, fences


    Grammar: Verbs
    High Frequency Words: another, heard, far, grow, hard, light, kind, more, some, to
    Phonics: Common Final Blends nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Base Words & Prefixes -s, -es
    problem- something that needs to be fixed
    impossible- cannot be done
    understand- to know something
    impatient- not wanting to wait
    furious- very angry
    gathered- pick/scoop something up
    demand- to insist on
    Essential Question: What are animal homes like?
    Lesson 12: Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type - Humorous Fiction
    Spelling Words: dishes, hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, grapes,
    jets, frogs, stitches, fences


    Grammar: Verbs
    High Frequency Words: another, heard, far, grow, hard, light, kind, more, some, to
    Phonics: Common Final Blends nd, ng, nk, nt, ft, xt, mp
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Base Words & Prefixes -s, -es
    problem- something that needs to be fixed
    impossible- cannot be done
    understand- to know something
    impatient- not wanting to wait
    furious- very angry
    gathered- pick/scoop something up
    demand- to insist on
    Lesson 13: Schools Around the World - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning, weave


    Grammar: Quotation Marks
    High Frequency Words: about, everything, first, her, of, slowly, store, story, two, world
    Phonics: Vowel Digraphs (ee, ea) Long e 
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: Base Words & Prefixes -s, -es
    culture- clothes, celebrations shared by a group of people
    community- all the people living in one place
    languages- what people speak
    transportation- ways of getting from place to place
    subjects- different things to study in school
    lessons- something that is taught
    wear- what you put on your body
    special- a way that is not like every day
    Lesson 14: Helen Keller - Biography
    Spelling Words: own, most, float, soap, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, so, ocean, shallow,
    coach, throw


    Grammar: Proper Nouns
    High Frequency Words: all, hair, food, front, never, party, sky, started, warm
    Phonics: Long o (o, oa, ow)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: -ly
    knowledge- to know
    curious- interested in finding something out
    imitated- copy
    silence- no sound
    darkness- no light
    illness- sickness
    behavior- how you act
    Lesson 15: Officer Buckle & Gloria
    Spelling Words: cannot, pancake, playground, maybe, baseball, someone, myself, classroom, outside
    upon, nothing, sunshine, into, inside, nobody, everywhere


    Grammar: Abbreviations
    High Frequency Words: after, book, care, ever, live, new, off, over, small, thought
    Phonics: Compound Words
    Vocabulary Words
    attention- focus, notice
    speech- a talk you give to a group of people
    safety- ways to keep from getting hurt
    obeys- does what someone says
    buddy- friend
    enormous- huge
    shocked - surprised
    station- workplace, office space, base
    Essential Question: Why is it important to follow safety rules?
    Unit 4 - Harcourt Journeys Second Grade
    Lesson 16: Mr. Tanen's Tie Trouble - Humorous Fiction
    Spelling Words: running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed,
    missed, grabbed


    Grammar: Pronouns
    High Frequency Words: also, gone, fly, have, horse, look, river, said, saw, something
    Phonics: Base Words & Endings -ed and -ing
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    received- was given
    account- something people keep their money in at the bank
    budget- list of ways you plan to spend money
    disappointed- filled with a sad feeling
    chuckled- laughed gently
    staring- look hard at something
    fund- an amount of money saved for a certain purpose 
    epeated- did something again
    Essential Question: How can helping others make you feel good? 
    Lesson 17: Luke Goes to Bat - Realistic Fiction
    Spelling Words: night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, fry, sigh,
    by, why, behind, lightning


    Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement
    High Frequency Words: any, blue, carry, doing, else, room, studied, sure, teacher, turned
    Phonics: Long i (i, igh, ie, y)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    hurried- do something quickly
    cheered- shouted to show happiness
    extra- more of something
    final- last
    practice- do something often to get better
    curb- the edge of the road
    position- the place you are supposed to be 
    roared- shouted in a loud voice
    Essential Question: Why is it important to keep trying even if it's hard to do?
    Lesson 18: My Name is Gabriela - Biography
    Spelling Words: happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, penny, sunny, city, tiny,
    many, sorry, noisy


    Grammar: The Verb Be
    High Frequency Words: always, anything, been, draw, friends, mother, soon, under, watch, words
    Phonics: Long e (sound for y)
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    wonder- to think about something you are not sure about
    taught- to have helped someone learn something
    accepted- to have agreed with something
    grand- big or impressive
    fluttering- waving or moving rapidly
    express- to show or describe something
    prize- an award 
    pretend- not real
    Essential Question: Why are reading and writing important?
    Lesson 19: The Signmaker's Assistant - Humorous Fiction
    Spelling Words: car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar, carpet, apartment


    Grammar: Commas in Dates and Places
    High Frequency Words: all, food, front, hair, never, party, sky, started, stories, warm
    Phonics: Words with ar 
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    agreed- to have said yes to something
    trouble- problem
    cleared- to have taken things away from someplace
    failed- did not succeed
    polite- respectful
    assistant- someone who helps another person
    tearing- damaging something by pulling it apart
    wisdom- good sense of judgement
    Essential Question: How are signs helpful?
    Lesson 20: Dex: The Heart of a Hero - Fantasy
    Spelling Words: horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born, tore, forget, for, more,
    report, force


    Grammar: Commas in a Series
    High Frequency Words: begins, being, flower, ground, I've, laugh, ready, stood, tall, very
    Phonics: Words with or, ore 
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    gazing- looking at something fondly
    hero- someone who is looked up to for doing something important or brave
    sprang- jumped up quickly
    exercise- activity that moves the body
    sore- a feeling of pain or discomfort
    studied- learned about a subject
    depended- counted on; relied on
    overlooked- didn't see; not noticed; looked past
    Essential Question: How can you communicate in different ways?
    Lesson 21: Penguin Chick - Informational Text
    Spelling Words: father, over, under, herd, water, verb, paper, cracker, offer, cover, germ, master, fern,
    ever, remember, feather


    Grammar: What is an Adjective?
    High Frequency Words: across, behind, house, how, move, nothing, one, out, took, voice
    Phonics: Words with er, ir, ur 
    Vocabulary Skill, Words & Definitions: 
    finally- after a long time
    otherwise- if things were different
    junior- younger or having a lower rank
    waterproof- water can't get through it
    slippery- difficult to hold onto
    webbed- having skin between the toes
    steer- control the direction in which something is going
    whistle- a high musical sound
    Essential Question: How so animals care for their young?