• Honors English 12

    Week of November 17-21
    Monday ~ Finish Macbeth Act II 
    Tuesday ~   Macbeth  Act II Quote analysis and discussion
       Compare hero vs. tragic hero
       * Act II Vocab Quiz Wednesday 
    Wednesday ~ Macbeth  Act II Vocab Quiz
       Read, analyze and discuss Act III 
    Thursday ~ Macbeth Act III
    Friday ~ PHEAA Meeting with Mrs. Sadler in 407
    You have finally made it to the last year of high school English! Our work together will be dedicated to preparing you with college level composition and literature classes. Not only will we spend a good amount of time strengthening our grammar, but we will also explore British Literature, delve into fallacies of logic and reasoning, and research a topic of your choice based on advancements in science and technology.

    Throughout the course of the academic year, we will cover the following major units of study. Please note that several of these units will be year-long units thus information and skills will be built during the course of the year. The order of units listed below does not necessarily tranfer to the order in whic h they will be covered.

    Unit 1: Summer Reading - 1984, Brave New World, and Lord of the Flies

    Unit 2: Early English literature - Beowulf and other selections fromAnglo-Saxon literature

    Unit 3: Literature from the Middle Ages - The Canterbury Tales

    Unit 4: William Shakespeare - Macbeth

    Unit 5: The Romantics - Frankenstein

    Unit 5: Vocabulary Study- Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - year

    Unit 6: Grammar - based on students’ need including, but not limted to, sentence fragment and run-on editing, varying sentence structure and style, and punctuation

    Unit 7: Writing - writing with purpose and argument using MLA format and in-text citiations/works

    cited, including college entrance essays and literary analysis

    Unit 8: Research Project and Presenation - thorough research and 30-minute presentation based on personally select topic (within project guidelines) following APA style

    Unit 9: Fallacies - exploration of fallcies, including portfolio presentation

    "I have something to say to the world, and I have taken English 12 in order to say it well." ~ W.E.B. DuBois