• Honors English 10

    Week of November 17-21
    Monday ~ Julius Caesar Act II
       *Vocab Test Wednesday, 11/19

    Tuesday ~ Julius Caesar Act II
       * Vocab Test Wednesday, 11/19
    Wednesday ~ Vocab Test
       Discuss and analyze Act II Quotes 
    Thursday ~ Caesar Acts I and II Quiz
       Journal Write  
    Friday ~ Thanksgiving Collage Work day
       Vocab 5 Packet - Due Monday
    This year we will focus on three main aspects - exploring literature from around the world, strengthening your grammar skills, and preparing you for the Keystone Literature exam.

    Throughout the course of the academic year, we will cover the following major units of study. Please note that several of these units will be year-long units thus information and skills will be built during the course of the year. The order of units listed below does not necessarily tranfer to the order in which they will be covered.

    Additionally, as we analyze each piece of literature we will attempt to examine how the characters apply to the Essential Question for Honors English 10: What motivates a character to take a stand and act against the grain of society?

    Unit 1: Summer Reading - Of Mice and Men and All Quiet on the Western Front

    Unit 2: The Epic and Literature of Ancient Greece- The Iliad and Opedius Rex (possibly)

    Unit 3: William Shakespeare - Julius Caesar

    Unit 4: The American Novel - To Kill a Mockingbird

    Unit 5: Vocabulary Study- Vocabulary from Latin and Greek Roots - year

    Unit 6: Autobiographical Portfolio - year

    Unit 7: Grammar - based on students’ need including, but not limted to, sentence fragment and run-on editing, glossary of usage/spelling, and punctuation

    Unit 8: Writing - writing with purpose and argument using MLA format and in-text citations/works cited

    Unit 9: Keystone Literature Exam preparation


    Honors Retention:

    Students in Honors English 10 must earn at least an 88% in order to continue in the Honors track and schedule Honors English 11. If a student’s grade falls between an 87% to 84%, he or she may advance to Honors English 11due to teacher recommendation. This judgment is dependent upon your contributions to the class, especially class discussion, your work ethic, and compelling personal reasons why you believe you are better served staying in the Honors English program.

    “If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.”   ~ Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood