Parent volunteers are needed! I always need help with parties and field trips. Please remember that PTA Members enjoy the benefit of being chosen first for parties and field trips. All volunteers must have their up to date clearances on file in the business office. This year I will be using "Sign-Up Genius" for all volunteer activities. If you sign up for an activity and are not a PTA Member and/or don't have your clearances, you will be removed from the activity. I will post the date the party/field trip sign-ups will go live. I want this to be a fair process. If you work an evening shift or don't have access to a computer or a smart phone, please let me know. I will also try and get a list of party dates ahead of time so everyone has an opportunity to take time off work as needed. A detailed explanation about "Sign-Up Genius" will come home very near the beginning of the year. If you have any trouble at all, please let me know!
    Party Volunteer Information:
    There will be 3 parties this year (Halloween, Christmas & Valentine's Day). I need at least 4 volunteers per party. Party volunteers need to come up with at least 1 craft, a game, a story/activity, and some kind of snack. I prefer to do centers for each party, that way each student gets a chance to be involved in everything. Students will be in groups of 4. There are 19 students in my classroom this year. Remember, clearances must be on file in the business office.
    Field Trip Volunteer Information:
    Our field trip will be to the Carnegie Science Center and takes place in the spring. 4-5 volunteers are needed for the field trip. Again, "Sign-Up Genius" will be used for volunteer selection. Volunteers are required to pay the group rate for the field trip. A t-shirt order form will come home prior to the field trip too. Volunteers and students are not required to order a t-shirt, but it is recommended. The price per shirt is under $10.