• Networks

    Within the district a self sustaining local area network facilitating user authentication, file and print services, and application services. The district servers are upgraded on a five year cycle.

    The backbone portion of the network is based on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Layer 3 switching at its core. Each closet is connected to the main  server distribution frame via 1 Gigabit fiber channel. Desktop connectivity is provided through a switched 1 Gigabit connection.

    Each of the local area networks is part of the district's wide area network. 

    Wide Area Networks:

    The wide area network provides building inter-connectivity via point to point 1 Gigabit fiber circuits from the server room to each school building. Several servers are maintained at the district providing email services, filtered internet access, access to district resources, administrative applications, centralized management, educational applications and help desk services.

    Internet Access:

    Internet services are provided via the Northwestern Pennsylvania Regional LAN/WAN Consortium which provides a minimum of 40 Megabit of Internet bandwidth, and 100 MB WAN bandwidth to all district who are members of the consortuium. There is no direct connectivity between the district local and wide area networks and the internet. The district maintains a hardware based firewall separating the districts internal network from the internet. In addition to the hardware firewall, all Internet traffic passes through our content filtering appliance.

    Networking Overview:

    The Leechburg Area School District network infrastructure is comprised of local and wide area technologies designed to provide voice, data and video through out the district.