• Pediculosis (Head Lice)

    What should you do?

    Lice breakouts are not uncommon among school children and the cleanest child can easily become infected.  Do not panic if you find that your child has been infested with lice.  While time consuming in treatment, this is not a chronic health problem.

    What to do:

    Notify the school nurse if you confirm lice or egg/nits.

    Treat the infested person with NIX, RID, or other similar products found at your local drug store.

    After the treatment, the nits/eggs can be removed with a comb that is often provided when you buy the treatment.  If no comb is provided, you can use you finger nail to pull the nit/egg off.

    Leechburg has a no nit policy.  No child is allowed to return to school until they are nit/egg free.  A head check is performed by the nurse before readmission to school is allowed.  If your child usually rides the bus to school, please bring them to school that day.

    Wash all personal clothing (including jackets and backpacks).  All bedding including pillows need to be washed in hot water (atleast 130 degrees F).  Furniture that is covered in fabric needs to be sprayed with special cleaner that can be purchased at the drug store.  Also, if your child is still riding in a car seat that needs to be washed also.

    Thoroughly wash all combs and brushed in hot water to disinfect.

    Place all stuffed toys in a plastic bag for two weeks.