The following are wonderful websites that the school uses and we highly encourage you to use them at home:
    THINK CENTRAL  This is our main website for our Reading (JOURNEYS) Math (GO MATH), and Science (SCIENCE FUSION) curriculums.  Many resources are available here for you to use.  Please contact me if you need your child's username and/or password.  This is a fantastic resource for parents/caregivers. 

    DICTIONARY  I use this anytime I need to look up a word for spelling, part of speech, definition, etc.

    KEYBOARDING  This is a keyboarding site that I found.   Try it at home and let me know what you think!

    These are links to great websites for kids:
    Math Links: 
    • www.xtramath.com   FANTASTIC FACTS PRACTICE!  Students will work on it at school at core extension time, and the program will track their progress.  You can access it at home with the kids' "pin number" that was (or will be) sent home.  It is so important for the children to memorize their addition and subtraction facts.  We will be starting with multiplication facts much earlier this year with our new math curriculum.  A solid foundation in addition facts is essential for multiplication. 

    • ABCYA  A wonderful all around website.  For math, look for the number activities that correspond with our lessons. 
    • http://www.mathslice.com/  Good general math website with games and activities.  You can create and print worksheets here for extra practice!
    • http://www.coolmath4kids.com  All math activities are here.  Very KID FRIENDLY!
    • http://www.mathplayground.com General math website.  Also Kid Friendly!
    • www.ixl.com Great general math website.
    Language Links:
    • http://www.storylineonline.net/  GREAT literature read aloud by "celebrities".  This one is awesome!  Helps build fluency by hearing good readers read well.
    • www.readtheory.org  We use this in our classroom as an individual reading activity.  This site has interesting short passages, followed by questions that assess comprehension.  You child will be given more difficult or simpler passages depending on their understanding of what they read.  This places them at their perfect instructional level for reading fluency and enjoyment. 
    • Science & Social Studies Links:
    • https://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/index.html   NASA's official website for kids. Great activities and information for future scientists!
    • http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/  GREAT fun and informative website for science AND Social Studies!
    • http://www.usap.gov/videoClipsAndMaps/mcmWebCam.cfm  This is the site to view the live Webcam of "McMurdo Station" that we read about in Antarctic Ice.  Read more about the continent of Antarctica!

                                                     Other Subjects:

      • http://www.starfall.com  Everything for beginning readers.  Much of it will be too young for 2nd graders, but may be helpful for younger siblings!  
      •  www.mrnussbaum.com  All subjects are explored here...lots of games.