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  • Welcome to David Leech Elementary School!

    Welcome to David Leech Elementary School.  David Leech Elementary School serves about 411 students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  The staff and students here take a tremendous amount of pride in our community, our programs, and our successful academic history.
    We work very hard to assist each student in their educational development and individual achievement.  In addition to the core classes like Math,English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies, our students participate in Art, Physical Education, Music, Library, and Technology.  At David Leech,we believe in giving every student a chance to succeed and grow confident, all while learning in a safe environment based on mutual respect.  The elementary school follows the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Model to assist in our anti-bullying efforts.
    At David Leech Elementary, we are very lucky to be supported by an active Parent Teacher Association.  The PTA supports our school by providing funding for many opportunities that have a direct impact on our students. We are very thankful and fortunate to have a devoted and dedicated group of parents who support our school with countless amounts of time and effort. 
    We also encourage community members and parents to join us on field trips, participate in classroom activities, and to join the PTA  For the safety of our students, we ask that any volunteer obtain clearances.  Information and clearance forms can be obtained in the central office.
    We strive to provide successful programs to assist our students academically,behaviorally, and emotionally.  We offer a summer Accelerated Reader Program to encourage students to continue to read during summer months. We also have a Student Assistance Program (SAP).  To be eligible for SAP, a student must be experiencing academic difficulty or demonstrate a decline in skills.  Referrals are managed through district SAP Team and maybe referred to the Family Counseling Center of Armstrong County to determine a need for counseling services.
    We hope to be a positive place for children to be safe while they learn and grow.


    Dr. David Keibler

    K-5 Principal

School Motto

  • Today I will be the best learner that I can be,
    Respect my school and everyone in my learning community.
    I will take pride in my work and learn all I can,
    To listen, learn, and participate is my plan.
    I know that nothing is impossible for me,
    I go to school at David Leech Elementary!

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